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3 Best AI Content Detector Tools – 2023

AI Content Detector Tools recognizers make sure that the output of your AI writing tools is of superior quality.

It is a fact that Artificial Intelligence has been assisting countless individuals and professionals across the web.

With Artificial intelligence’s  capacity to learn and adapt quickly, there is a genuine concern that it will overtake human intelligence.

What is an AI Content Detection Tool?

A content recognition application powered by Artificial Intelligence technology is able to identify material created by AI in a matter of moments.

AI content detection tools are used to check whether your copied or shared content is generated by AI or not.

I’m Sharing Artificial intelligence content recognition tools, so you can make sure your website content is up-to-date and avoid the chance of decreasing your search engine rankings.

So Let’s Get into it

What Are The Best AI Content Detectors?

Here is 3 best AI Content Detector Tools – 2023 You can use for free

1.Content At Scale

Content at Scale’s AI detection Tool  is the best free AI content identifier accessible. This free apparatus can identify material created by AI up to 2,500 characters (which is the same as an average of 500 words).

This Tool can guarantee that your text is able to pass through automated detection systems, and is available in over one hundred languages. And  you can integrate this tool with WordPress, making it effortless to compose content for websites.

With the Starter Package you can create twenty articles a month for only five hundred dollars. But If you don’t need that many, you can choose to have four articles for one hundred and fifty dollars each month.

Content At Scale - Home page

Key Features 

  • This AI-based tool is highly precise and accurate in detecting AI-generated material.
  • It works in conjunction with Copyscape to make sure that no plagiarism is present.
  • The pricing for the service is budget-friendly, beginning at 0.005$ per word.
  • It is able to generate content in over a hundred languages.
  • A special offer for early access is currently available.
  • It offers AI-created content that circumvents detection tools
  • Integration with WordPress allows for effortless AI content writing..

How to use Content At Scale Tool

First you have to visit Content At Scale AI Page

Then Paste your Text Here 

Content At scale - Paste Text in Text box

Your text will analyzed and results will be generated

Content at Scale - integrator


Well boasts the capability to spot AI-generated content from a variety of models, such as GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, and GPT-J. Moreover, its website attests that it can identify even GPT 3.5 (DaVinci-003) model-produced AI text.

Originality.AI advertises itself as a program designed for organizations that regularly publish content. The two primary features of this software are a plagiarism checker and an AI analyzer.

The pricing structure is dependent on credits. Each credit is priced at one cent and can analyze 100 words for either artificial intelligence application or duplication. This means that verifying a two thousand word blog post for AI operation would cost a mere twenty cents.

Key Features 

  • NLP models are accessible.
  • AI-driven content identifier and Plagiarism Scanner
  • Various Team Members can be included
  • Complete Website scan feature is in development.
  • APIs and Connections are accessible.
  • Cost-Effective.


The originality.AI Tool operates on a per-word basis, with each 100-word evaluation priced at $0.001. The first-time purchase of 2000 credits will be $20.

How to use Originality.AI

First you have to visit Originality.AI

Originality.AI - Home Page

Then Create an account and login

Now simply paste your text 

3.Writer AI Content Detector

Writer offers businesses and organizations the necessary tools to create attractive content. Additionally, this platform also has a strong AI-based text detector that allows users to make sure their content is unique.

Once text is pasted into the  text box, The tool will provide a rating, the higher the percentage the more probable the content was generated by an automated program.

Key Features 

  • Dedicated Artificial Intelligence detector. 
  • Reporting instruments for producing knowledge. 
  • Guidebook to execute editorial regulations. 
  • Content Approach Computerization. 
  • Cowrite apparatus to coach AI for content production as per your needs.


Well Writer AI Content Detector has these two affordable plans:

  • Team Plan Costs – $18 per user/monthly
  • Enterprise Plan – Available on Request.

How to use Writer AI Content Detector

First you have to visit Writer AI Content Detector

Writer AI Content Detector - Home Page

Then Paste your Text into the text box or Domain Box

Writer AI content Detector - Paste Text here

Your text will analyzed and results will be generated

Writer AI content Detector - Result will generate here


In Conclusion, AI content detectors are becoming more and more necessary considering the growth in popularity of AI writing programs. This is especially true since Google seems to be stuck when it comes to content that is created by AI. It is undeniable that AI writing tools make the writing process much easier.

Don’t put it off any longer – begin right now to guarantee that your website has no automated generated content.


Which AI tool is best for content writing?

LongShot AI is a platform that employs AI technology to create blogs, Posts and other types of content. It provides a free try-out and a subscription package. The tool is able to generate content for a variety of purposes and makes certain that the produced material is reliable and factually precise.

What is AI-generated content?

AI can be utilized to produce content, including blog posts, advertising resources, articles,  and descriptions, all created by Artificial intelligence.

Companies are beginning to realize the advantages of AI-generated content for accelerating their writing approach. Marketers may think of implementing AI-generated content for streamlining their content marketing process, which can often be time-consuming and costly to manage.

How does AI-generated content work?

When generating content, users indicate the text style , a subject and search terms. The AI then searches the internet and creates content that matches the requested structure. Certain applications also modify a company’s existing content to include information found through web queries and editing programs.

What Are AI Content Detectors?

Recently, GPT-2, GPT-3, and ChatGPT have caused a surge in the amount of content produced by machines. These artificially created pieces are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from those written by humans.

AI content detectors usually rank content on a range of 0 to 100, to determine if it is genuine or generated by AI. Knowing that Google punishes auto-created material, these tools can help guarantee high originality, readability, and excellence of the content.

Can Google Detect AI Content?

Well it is uncertain if Google can accurately identify AI content by itself, we are aware that Google can recognize this type of content as spam when examined manually.

So there is no clear evidence to support it, it’s hard to determine if Google is capable of recognizing AI-generated content with certainty. Nevertheless, Google is becoming more knowledgeable in distinguishing AI Content.

How accurate are AI writing Detectors?

Recently, Turnitin, a well-known plagiarism tracker, declared that they have crafted a generative AI detector that can recognize 97% of passages created by ChatGPT with a false positive rate of under 1%. This is anticipated to be obtainable starting April 2023.

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