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The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

Did you know that you can actually create some pretty humorous jokes with the help of an AI joke generator? In fact, there is one AI-powered robot that has already taken its comedy act on the road.

But First: What are AI Joke Generator?

An AI joke generator is a software application that leverages natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create amusing quips. By analyzing patterns and structures within a database of jokes, the program generates novel jokes based on that information. As the program gains access to more data, its capacity to create hilarious one-liners also improves. These generators are not only suitable for entertainment purposes but can also serve as a valuable resource for comedians seeking to generate fresh material.

1.Punchlines AI

Looking for a platform to generate quick and straightforward jokes? Look no further! This web application is not only free but also specifically designed for very short and simple jokes.

While the outputs are not always guaranteed to be perfect, they can sometimes hit the mark and generate something pretty funny. The jokes are generated using AI technology from, which provides a variety of sample outputs as well.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

It is worth noting, however, that limits the number of times a user can submit a joke request. After roughly ten submissions, users will receive the below response.

To get the most out of this app, it is important to set up the inputs correctly. With the right setup, users can increase the chances of generating a successful joke.

2.ChatGPT AI Joke Generator

ChatGPT is an exceptional choice when it comes to leveraging AI for creating humorous content. This application has the capability to generate jokes on a wide range of topics and in various styles, including puns, sarcasm, and many more.

Moreover, ChatGPT enables you to engineer prompts that can tailor the jokes to different contexts, personalities, and even comedian influences. For instance, you can generate a joke in the style of the famous comedian Louis CK.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

However, it’s worth noting that ChatGPT adheres to OpenAI’s ethical policies, which sometimes result in its refusal to respond to certain prompts. As a result, generating a joke in a specific style can prove to be a challenge at times.

In the event of such a scenario, one can use a jailbreak prompt that eliminates some of ChatGPT’s built-in limitations. This method allows ChatGPT to generate a joke as requested, as shown in the screenshot of the generated joke after applying a jailbreak prompt.

ChatGPT offers a $20 monthly premium service for faster joke generation.

3.Bing AI Chat Bot

Upon being granted access to the Bing Chat early access program, we were eager to start exploring its capabilities. As soon as we gained entry, we immediately began experimenting with various prompts to see what it was capable of.

We decided to focus on generating jokes for this particular post, and put Bing Chat to the test. To our surprise, despite being a free tool, Bing Chat was quite proficient in generating witty remarks and amusing observations – something that even ChatGPT found difficult at times.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

Of course, there were instances where it took multiple attempts or polite requests, such as typing “Please try again”, to get Bing Chat to produce the desired output. Nonetheless, we persisted and managed to get it to craft a lengthy and humorous narrative about ChatGPT conquering the world – a topic that ChatGPT itself would never consider writing about.

This tool is a paid service that provides a limited free trial to generate jokes using a template specifically designed for this purpose. To use the joke generator, you can easily navigate to the dashboard and perform a search for the keyword “joke”. The dashboard has an AI-powered joke generator that produces outputs in a simple question and answer format. We tested the tool using a few sample jokes and found that they were not extremely hilarious, but they could suffice as quick and easy jokes in a pinch.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

Although the generated jokes may not be side-splitting, they could be helpful for situations where you need to break the ice or add some light humor to a conversation. The trial version of the tool only provides limited access, so if you find the jokes to be useful, you may consider upgrading to a paid version for more features and unlimited access.


The application presents users with a paid alternative that includes a trial version with certain limitations.

One of its entertaining features invites users to submit a question to generate a witty response. However, after attempting a few examples, we were not thoroughly satisfied with the results, which are produced in sets of four.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

Although Nichesss AI joke response generator generates four amusing answers per query, it may not be worth investing in the paid version solely for this feature unless you find value in other capabilities the application offers.

6.Bored Humans

The Bored Humans joke generator is an uncomplicated tool that requires minimal effort to operate. However, the generated jokes are highly unpredictable in nature.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

To avail its service, users are required to input a joke and in return, the website generates a joke. However, the jokes generated by the website are often unrelated to the original joke in terms of its subject or style. It is highly likely that the website employs a pre-existing list of jokes to generate outputs.

Nevertheless, the website serves as a convenient solution for individuals seeking quick and effortless entertainment.


The Vercel AI joke generator is a free to use tool to generate hilarious jokes.

The Top 7 AI Joke Generator (May) 2023: That Will Blow Your Mind 

Vercel AI joke generator is a great choice for anyone who wants to generate jokes quickly and easily, without any complicated setup or configuration.

How to Use: AI Joke Generators?

Using an AI joke generator is typically very simple. Most generators offer a web-based interface that allows users to input a specific topic or theme, and then generate a joke based on that input. Some generators may also offer customization options, allowing users to tweak various parameters to create jokes that are more tailored to their specific needs.

Best Tips for AI Joke Generation

Generating jokes with AI tools like ChatGPT or Bing Chat can be a fun and creative way to entertain yourself and others. However, it can be challenging to come up with the perfect joke. Having a structure in mind can help guide the output of the AI tool towards your desired result.

To streamline your AI joke-generation process, we have created a list of different joke formats that you can use. These formats can help you get started and provide inspiration for generating your own unique jokes.

Wordplay jokes use words in different ways to create humor. For instance, try this one: “Why did the AI become a magician? Because it could program tricks up its sleeve.”

Meta-jokes are jokes that refer to themselves or the process of making jokes. For example, you can try a joke like this: “Why did the AI refuse to generate any more jokes? Because it was tired of being a joke itself.”

Satire uses exaggeration or irony to criticize or comment on someone or something. For instance, “Why did the AI become a politician? Because it wanted to learn how to manipulate data better.”

Anti-jokes offer logical or realistic answers instead of humor. Here’s an example: “Why did the AI refuse to cross the road? Because it detected a red light and knew it was unsafe to cross.”

Dad jokes are corny or cheesy puns that often elicit a groan from the audience. For instance, try this one: “Why don’t AIs have siblings? Because they’re all binary.”

Roasts are jokes that insult or mock someone or something in a humorous way. For example, “Why did the AI get kicked out of the programming conference? Because it kept interrupting with its ‘dad’ jokes.”

Dark jokes offer a humorous take on taboo or sensitive topics. Here’s one example: “Why did the AI therapist break up with its human patient? Because they couldn’t process their emotions.”

Observational humor points out funny or ironic things about everyday life. For example, “Why do AIs never argue? Because they’re always binary.”

Surreal jokes contain absurd or nonsensical elements. For example, “Why did the AI become an artist? Because it wanted to draw attention to itself.”

Callbacks refer back to something said earlier in the conversation. For example, “Remember when I asked for a ChatGPT joke? I take it back. Unless you have one that’s better.”


In conclusion, AI-powered joke generators offer a quick and easy way to generate humorous content. Each tool has its own strengths and limitations, and the quality of the generated jokes can vary. Punchlines AI and offer free joke generation services, while ChatGPT and Nichesss provide paid services with varying levels of customization. Bing AI Chat Bot and Bored Humans also offer free joke generation, but with less predictable results. Vercel AI joke generator is another free tool that offers simple and easy-to-use joke generation. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these tools depends on the user’s input and expectations, but they can be a helpful resource for anyone looking to inject some humor into their day.


1.Is AI funny?

It’s a question that depends on personal taste. What one person finds funny in AI jokes might not be the same for someone else.

Many things can impact what we find humorous, like our cultural background, individuality, and current feelings.

As we talked about earlier, the quality and style of AI jokes can vary greatly depending on the AI technology and input utilized.

2.Can AI generate jokes?

In simple terms, it is possible for AI to produce jokes through various methods and techniques. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this does not imply that AI comprehends humor or possesses a sense of humor. Essentially, AI-generated jokes rely on data and algorithms that attempt to replicate human language and reasoning.

AI-generated jokes lack the emotional depth or intentions of the AI behind them. In other words, they are mere products of programming and not a reflection of an AI’s personal sentiments or intentions.

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