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Express VPN Review (April) 2023: Detailed Guide, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Express VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows its user to browse the internet fast and secure without keeping any logs . It also provides servers of more than 90+ countries . 

Two entrepreneurs Peter Burchhardt and Dan Pomarantz founded a company named Express VPN international Ltd which then later became the parent company of express VPN . 

Express VPN
Express VPN

It can work on Android, iOS, Linux, MacOs, Microsoft Windows and almost every operating system .

What is Vpn? 

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, creates a secure connection between you and the internet. With a VPN, you can surf the web anonymously, as it hides both your IP address and physical location. Additionally, a VPN can help you access web portals that may be blocked or banned in your country.

Why should I use Express VPN?

If you are looking for a VPN that is safe to use and  does not compromise on your internet speed also it doesn’t let your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) keep logs you should use this VPN . 

Still there are some disadvantages of using it because it does not provide malware and antivirus protection. Also, it is much more expensive than other VPN such as NordVPN, Surf Shark and CyberGhost . 

Express VPN: Features

There are many features which Express VPN provide are as follows : 

User Friendly 

The Express VPN has an easy to use interface on a smart phone but it may be different on a window or Mac . The difference between Express VPN and other popular VPNs is that you do not see the server list immediately .


AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard ) used with 256-bit key encryption also known as AES-256 is a world wide known method which is used by the US government for sensitive information or data . 

Trusted Server Technology

By using Trusted Server Technology express VPN makes sure what is running in on it so no logs or data is being stored that ultimately reduces security risk .

Independently Audited

Express VPN uses an Independently Auditor which means its security is tested by a third party application to show how secure your privacy really is .


Logging is a process in which activity of a certain person can be monitored including browsing history, DNS quarries data and information can be stored or collected with or without their consent so Express VPN provides a privacy policy that it doesn’t store any logs . 


Tunneling is a process in which a person does not use the internet directly but through a protocol of moving from one server so that you don’t leave behind any trace of your information .

Lightway Protocol

Lightway Protocol is one of the best features of Express VPN; it allows its users to use the VPN faster than ever. It is even battery efficient and more secure overall it is a lightweight feature .

Application Security

There are several vulnerabilities in an application that hackers can exploit that can result in security breach or a Cyber attack . Thus the process to prevent this from happening by identification of these vulnerabilities and their prevention is called Application Security .


Express VPN uses a login system which is a username and password combination for authentication of a user which helps to secure privacy and no unauthorized person has access to the  VPN .

Kill switch

Kill switch is one of the best features provided by express VPN because if somehow your device gets disconnected it immediately stops the internet traffic so that you can’t access the internet directly so your IP address is kept secret .

Private DNS 

DNS stands for Domain Name System and converts domain names to machine readable IP addresses and what a private DNS does is that it encrypts the DNS queries from prying eyes .

Express VPN: Pricing

Express VPN has only three pricing plans:

If you are interested in testing this service, you will be required to pay $12.95 for a month, which might seem comparatively expensive in contrast to other VPN providers. Nevertheless, the package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free option that’s certainly worth considering.

Express VPN Review (April) 2023: Detailed Guide, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Secondly we have a package of 6 months that is $9.99 per month which adds up to $59.54 for every six months. It is a bit cheaper than the 1 month package .

In the last one we have a package of 15 months that is $6.67 per month which adds up to $100.05 per year but the bonus part is that if you subscribe to this package you get 3 months free every time you subscribe to it which means the package is available only at $80.04 .


In Conclusion, Express VPN is one the best VPN that you can use on any device Apple, Mac, Windows, Android or any other operating system . It provides the best private sharing of data and information out there and can be used to unblock any web Domains that you can not access in your country .

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