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How to Make AI Generated Music 2023 (Detailed Guide) 

AI is gaining traction in the realm of creative disciplines such as music, cinema, and other forms of artistic expression. Its utilization has the potential to revolutionize every facet of music production, encompassing the likes of melody creation, audio mastering, and music streaming.

AI offers an extraordinary occasion for budding musicians to augment their creative process in unprecedented manners. The music industry, much like a variety of other industries, harnesses AI as a supplementary tool rather than a surrogate for human artists.

By means of AI-empowered instruments, novice musicians can delve into and experiment with a plethora of sounds, musical structures, and harmonies, thereby enabling them to extend the limits of their skills and artistic ability. In addition, AI-powered instruments can lend a hand to musicians in honing their musical compositions and singling out potential areas for enhancement.

It is important to observe that despite AI’s emergence in the music industry, human artists remain indispensable. AI simply supplements and elevates the creative process, rather than replacing it. The idiosyncratic abilities, emotions, and experiences that human artists contribute to their music creations are impossible to replicate through AI.

AI offers an innovative and effective approach for novice musicians to amplify their creative process, albeit it can never substitute the human touch. Hence, it is crucial to embrace the integration of AI while recognizing and appreciating the unique talents that human artists bring to the fore.

List of 3 Best AI Music Generator Website in 2023

Here are the Top 3 AI Music Generator Websites:

  • Soundful – Leverage the power of AI to generate royalty free background music at the click of a button for your videos, streams, podcasts and much more.
  • SoundDraw – Royalty-free music, AI generated for you.
  • AVIA – The Artificial Intelligence composing emotional soundtrack music.

3 Best AI Generated Music Free to use


Soundful employs the abilities of AI to produce background music that is unencumbered by royalties, and can be effortlessly generated with a mere click. This musical composition can be utilized for an assortment of purposes, such as videos, live streams, podcasts, and many others.

The entire process is created to be user-friendly and easy to comprehend. Merely pick a genre, personalize your preferences, and construct your melodies. You may reiterate this process until you locate the flawless melody to suit your needs. It’s that unchallenging.

AI Generated Music

Soundful’s music presents a one-of-a-kind feature – exclusivity. The algorithms utilized by Soundful are composed note-by-note alongside some of the most pioneering producers and sound engineers in the industry. These one-shot samples are versed in music theory, resulting in Soundful’s AI never producing a melody that has already been made, or even one from its own platform. Users can make a choice from over 50 templates from various genres to begin with.


Soundraw is an exceptional AI music creator that offers a broad selection of customization alternatives, incorporating AI-generated phrases. The platform amalgamates AI with manual tools to simplify music creation and customization.

The customization attribute authorizes users to improvise and refine a solitary music piece, rendering it distinctive to their preferences. Though free users can concoct music employing the music generator, endless downloads are only available to subscribers.

AI Generated Music

Soundraw’s conspicuous benefits include its user-friendly interface, streamlining its use. The platform merges the supremacy of AI compositions with manual tools, ensuring that users can generate superior music expeditiously. Furthermore, Soundraw is plug-in compatible with Google Chrome and Premiere Pro, heightening its accessibility and convenience.


AIVA, an extraordinary AI music synthesizer that has amassed considerable acclaim following its 2016 debut, is a subject of profound interest. AIVA’s AI algorithms are consistently advancing, and it’s currently adept at composing musical scores for a diverse range of applications, such as advertising campaigns, video games, motion pictures, and more.

AIVA’s initial release was a solo piano arrangement called “Opus 1 for Piano Solo.” Subsequently, it has dropped an album and created soundtracks for video games. The platform’s users are able to generate music from scratch or produce new versions of existing songs without having to worry about the complexities of music licensing procedures.

AI Generated Music

Creating music of various styles and genres is a cinch with AIVA. Users can commence by selecting a pre-established musical style, and the system will spontaneously fabricate the corresponding music. Moreover, AIVA offers the capability to revise soundtracks, making it an excellent tool for musical production.

AI Music Generators role in Music Industry

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) music generators in the music industry is anticipated to escalate significantly in the upcoming years, owing to the incessant progression and refinement of the technology. The advancing sophistication of AI music generators will empower music producers to explore novel and enthralling methods of composing music while captivating the attention of the audience.

In spite of the criticisms and reservations expressed by some individuals, the adoption of AI music generators will potentially bestow upon the music industry a more variegated and dynamic character. With a broader spectrum of musical genres and temperaments at their disposal, the music industry will have the capacity to cater to a wider audience with unique and exclusive tastes and preferences.

Can AI Make Music?

Indeed, artificial intelligence has made headway in the realm of musical composition. AI-generated music has made significant strides over the past few years, spanning various genres such as classical, jazz, pop, and more.

One approach to creating AI-generated music is to train an AI model using a vast data set of preexisting music. This is accomplished by feeding the model thousands of MIDI files or audio recordings, allowing it to acquire knowledge of patterns and structures found in music. Once the model is trained, it can then create original pieces of music that possess similar stylistic and structural qualities to those of the training data.

Another method is to use AI to aid human composers in the creative process. For instance, an AI system could analyze a melody and recommend possible harmonies or accompaniments. This proves especially useful for composers who are experiencing creative block or wish to delve into novel musical ideas.

Although AI-generated music hasn’t yet achieved parity with the works of human composers, it has potential as a valuable tool for musicians and composers alike. Not only can it provide opportunities for artists to pursue new creative paths and generate novel ideas, but it can also assist with tasks such as transcribing music or crafting background tracks for videos or games.


In conclusion, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry is swiftly gaining traction and has the potential to reform the field in unexampled ways. Though AI can offer an array of benefits for musicians, it ought to be perceived as an adjunct and not a replacement for human ingenuity. The top three AI music creator websites in the year of 2023 are Soundful, SoundDraw, and AIVA, each presenting unparalleled characteristics for music production. The scope of AI music creators in the industry is projected to intensify considerably in the approaching years, furnishing novel and exhilarating pathways for music creation and catering to a more expansive audience with heterogeneous musical preferences. Despite AI making notable strides in music production, it can never supplant the one-of-a-kind and priceless essence of human creativity in music.

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