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Looka AI Review (April) 2023: Detailed Guide, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons – Our Experience

Do you find yourself fatigued from dedicating countless hours to designing logos for your business? Are you seeking an affordable, effective, and user-friendly logo creator? Looka AI could be the ideal solution for you! In this piece, we will delve into Looka AI, explore its capabilities, and reveal how it can assist you in producing a breathtaking logo for your enterprise.

Looka AI

Looka AI is an online logo maker that uses artificial intelligence to create logos for businesses of all sizes. Based in Toronto, Canada, it was founded in 2016. Looka AI has helped over 5 million businesses create logos, and it offers a simple, affordable, and efficient solution to logo creation.

How Looka AI Works

Looka AI employs advanced machine learning algorithms to design customized logos for businesses. The process is uncomplicated and user-friendly. Initially, you need to input your company’s name and industry, and Looka AI will generate a plethora of logo options to pick from. You can then personalize the chosen logo by modifying its color scheme, fonts, and layouts to suit your preferences. Upon completion, you can download the finalized logo in multiple file formats, as per your convenience.

Looka AI: Features

Looka AI offers a wide range of features to help you create a stunning logo for your business. Here are some of the key features:

1. Easy-to-Use Interface

Looka AI offers a hassle-free experience for creating logos with its simplistic and intuitive interface. Regardless of your design abilities, Looka AI streamlines the logo creation process by providing step-by-step guidance from start to finish.

The user-friendly platform of Looka AI eliminates the need for any design expertise, making it accessible to anyone who wishes to create a logo. With Looka AI, you can effortlessly create a professional-looking logo without any prior experience or knowledge of design.

2. Customizable Logos

Looka AI provides a remarkable opportunity to personalize your logo according to your preferences. You have the liberty to pick from a diverse collection of layouts, fonts, and colors, which can be blended together to create an eye-catching logo that distinguishes your brand from others.

The advanced technology offered by Looka AI enables you to unleash your creativity and transform your ideas into a remarkable design in a matter of minutes. With the user-friendly interface, you can easily experiment with various design elements to achieve the perfect logo that aligns with your brand identity.

3. High-Quality Designs

Looka AI employs premium designs that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Their logos exude professionalism, contemporaneity, and visual allure. With Looka AI, you can rest assured that your brand’s identity will be visually captivating and relevant to modern times.

4. Affordable Pricing

Looka AI provides cost-effective subscription plans, with prices commencing from a mere $20. This renders it a viable choice for companies irrespective of their size and budget. By offering such affordable pricing, Looka AI ensures that even small-scale businesses can leverage its services to enhance their brand identity and marketing efforts. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established enterprise, Looka AI’s pricing plans cater to everyone’s needs and budget constraints. So, why wait? Experience the difference for yourself by signing up today!

Looka AI

Looka AI: Pros and Cons

Like any tool, Looka AI has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Looka AI:


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable logos
  • High-quality designs
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited design options
  • No live support

Looka AI : Alternatives

1.Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is an innovative logo design solution available on the Wix website builder platform. This tool empowers users to create unique logos for their businesses, organizations, or personal brands with ease and speed, without requiring any design skills. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Wix Logo Maker generates logo options tailored to the user’s preferences and design selections. The tool also allows users to customize the logos further by choosing from a range of fonts, colors, and icons.

With Wix Logo Maker, creating a professional-looking logo has never been easier or more affordable. This convenient and cost-effective solution offers businesses and individuals the chance to establish their brand identity with a unique and personalized logo. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a solo entrepreneur, Wix Logo Maker is the perfect choice to create a logo that reflects your vision.

 2. Canva Logo Maker

The Canva Logo Maker is an efficient and user-friendly tool that empowers both individuals and businesses to design impressive logos within a few minutes. The platform boasts an extensive array of templates, fonts, and design features that allow users to personalize their logos to align with their brand’s character and aesthetic. Whether you are commencing a new enterprise, introducing a new product, or revamping an existing company, the Canva Logo Maker provides a straightforward and accessible solution to create a distinctive and unforgettable logo that distinguishes you from your rivals.

3. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a state-of-the-art branding and design platform available online. It leverages advanced technology and machine learning algorithms to deliver bespoke and professional-looking logos, social media designs, business cards, and other branding materials to individuals and businesses. Founded in 2014, Tailor Brands offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for anyone seeking to establish a robust and unforgettable brand identity, regardless of their design skills or available resources.

4. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill Logo Maker is an innovative online tool that empowers users to create customized and professional logos for their businesses or personal projects. The platform features a user-friendly interface that allows users to access an extensive range of design elements, including fonts, icons, colors, and shapes, to mix and match as per their brand’s identity. By using the Designhill Logo Maker, users can save precious time and money by creating their own logos without requiring the services of a professional designer.

5. Looka Enterprise

Looka Enterprise is a tech firm that specializes in delivering user-friendly branding solutions to businesses. The company’s platform is designed with an emphasis on both design and user experience. It enables users to create bespoke logos, business cards, and other branding collateral in a matter of minutes. Looka’s primary goal is to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in developing a professional and coherent brand identity, without the need for pricey design agencies or in-house designers. With its commitment to delivering efficient and effective branding solutions, Looka Enterprise has quickly become a favorite among startups and SMBs, and is now one of the market’s leading branding platforms.


In conclusion, Looka AI is an innovative online logo maker that offers an affordable, user-friendly, and efficient solution to logo creation for businesses of all sizes. Its advanced technology and customizable logos enable users to create high-quality designs that align with their brand identity in a matter of minutes. Although Looka AI has its limitations, such as limited design options and no live support, it offers a remarkable opportunity to unleash creativity and establish a professional brand identity. Additionally, Looka AI provides cost-effective subscription plans, making it a viable choice for small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs. Alternatives to Looka AI, such as Wix Logo Maker, Canva Logo Maker, Tailor Brands, and Designhill Logo Maker, offer similar services and solutions for creating custom logos. Ultimately, Looka AI remains a top contender in the market for businesses seeking a hassle-free and effective logo design solution.

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