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Selling Art Made with Midjourney: An In-Depth Guide

As the world of digital arts continues to evolve, Midjourney has emerged as a potent tool for art creation. With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Midjourney allows you to generate unique art pieces, which can be used commercially. But how does one navigate through the process to sell Midjourney art? Let’s delve into the intricacies of selling AI-generated art, copyright considerations, and where to best sell your artworks.

AI Art and Copyright Laws

AI-generated art, such as that created with Midjourney, has stirred up exciting discussions around copyright laws. According to the current rulings of the U.S. Copyright Office, machines, including AI art generators, cannot be deemed as authors. Therefore, AI-generated art isn’t automatically copyrighted, and claiming ownership is not straightforward.

However, the copyright scenario isn’t entirely black and white. AI art can potentially be copyrighted if there’s considerable human authorship involved. But for now, the absence of clear-cut copyright laws means that any image generated by AI art generators can be used commercially, regardless of who created it.

Note: Laws regarding the copyright and ownership of AI art are under development. However, as of now, the U.S. Copyright Office maintains that AI art can be copyrighted if there’s ample human authorship to support a copyright claim.

Midjourney’s Stance on Commercial Usage

Midjourney, being a Californian company, operates under U.S. Copyright law. According to their terms of service, if you are not a paid member, you don’t own the assets you create. But, paradoxically, since a machine can’t be an author under U.S. Midjourney does not own the AI art, according to copyright law.

In essence, this means that you can sell any AI art you find on Midjourney, regardless of whether you created it or not. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that these terms could change as copyright laws for AI art become more defined.

The Midjourney License Quagmire

The Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International Licence (the “Asset Licence”) is the licence that Midjourney grants you, according to their terms of service (the “Asset Licence”). However, since they don’t own the assets themselves, the journey of granting licenses gets a bit convoluted.

As it stands, the licensing model of Midjourney requires re-evaluation. Ideally, their subscription plans should be based on performance improvements, creating Midjourney signature style art, and GPU availability.

Effective Strategies to Sell Midjourney Art

Selling AI-generated art involves several factors. Here are some pointers so let’s get started:

  • High-Resolution Images: Aim for an image resolution of around 4000 pixels x 7000 pixels.
  • Market Research: Study the type of digital art that sells best on Etsy if you plan to sell there.
  • Inspiration: Check AI art models ranking in Civitai for inspiration.
  • Format: Use the PNG file format when preparing the artwork for printing.
  • Niche Marketing: Create artwork with a specific audience in mind. Consider dog art for dog lovers.
  • Product Research: Examine the types of products available on Artstation and see if you could create something for their marketplace.
  • Sticker Art: AI art is perfect for stickers. If you use Redbubble, make sure to adjust the markup (profit-%) to a sensible range (50-100%).

Where to Sell Your Midjourney Art

There are several platforms where you can sell your AI-generated art. Many creators are selling printable wall art and digital art on Etsy and making stickers for Redbubble. While selling AI art on Redbubble has become more challenging due to their new fee structure, you can explore other print-on-demand stores like Society6 and Zazzle.


Another platform to consider is Kittl, where you can design AI art merchandise. You can add creative text to your design, create logos, and more. As of now, the best places to sell AI art include Etsy, various print-on-demand sites, and Artstation.

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The world of AI-generated art offers exciting opportunities for creators. The ability to sell Midjourney art commercially opens up new avenues for artists and entrepreneurs. However, it’s crucial to stay informed about evolving copyright laws and licensing issues. With the right strategies, platforms, and a keen understanding of the market, you can successfully navigate the world of selling AI art. Remember, in the realm of digital art, creativity paired with strategic planning is the key to success.

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