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SurfShark VPN Review (April) 2023: Detailed Guide, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

What is VPN? 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network . What a VPN does is that provides a secure connection between you and the internet that means you can surf the internet anonymously and with your IP address and your physical location being hidden . A VPN can also help you to access web portals which are blocked or banned in your country. 

What is SurfShark VPN

The Surfshark VPN was first introduced in the year of 2018 having their headquarters in the British Virgin Islands which has some unique laws for data privacy . Their parent company is one of their competitors NordVPN the both companies merged in 2022 but still are working independently . 

Why Use SurfShark VPN ? 

SurfShark is one of the best Virtual Private Networks with more than 3200 servers in 99 plus countries .SurfShark is the first vpn that was launched for the iOS operating system is SurfShark VPN . SurfShark uses AES-256 encryption procedure to protect your private data . 

SurfShark VPN

SurferShark: Features

The SurfShark VPN has many features which are mentioned below : 

No Logs Policy 

Surfshark VPN does not store any kind of logs or search history of their clients unlike other free VPNs which keep your logs and use it for their personal benefits .

Kill switch 

Kill switch is one of the best features because if somehow your device gets disconnected from the VPN it instantly disconnects it so your private data does not leak to the internet .

Clean web 

Some websites are infected by malwares some have really annoying pop up adds and some have trackers but you don’t have to worry about it anymore until you are using Surfshark VPN because givers you a feature that can can block any kind of ads and trackers it also can detect website sites that are infected by any malware .


If you are really conscious about your privacy and don’t want anyone to track you through the internet you can use the multihop feature that allows you to connect to two different servers at one time which makes it more difficult for some who might try to spy on you or track you .

Camouflage mode 

Camouflage mode is an advanced feature that hides the VPN service and lets its user blend as  with normal traffic so that they don’t look suspicious .

IP Rotation

IP Rotation or changing IP address is a common process that VPN service uses to hide its users original IP address .

Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark provides an Antivirus program that allows its users to detect and be safe from any kind of virus that may harm their device .

White lister 

Bypass mode or the bypasser allows its users to decide which website or application they want to connect to the VPN. People most likely use it when they use torrent sites or their banking .

No borders mode 

Surfshark allows bypassing to another level by bypassing government restrictions that use deep packet inspections and other methods that are used to detect VPN service in VPN restrictive countries .

SurferShark: Pricing

Surfshark VPN has only three pricing plans

First if you just want to try it you have to pay $12.95 for a month which is pretty expensive compared to other VPN service providers although it has a 30 day money back guarantee but still it is worth a try .

Secondly we have a package of 12 months that is $3.99 per month which adds up to $47.88 for every 12 months. More affordable than its competitors .

In the last one we have a package of 24 months that is $2.30 per month which adds up to $55.20 every two years but the bonus part is that if you subscribe to this package you get 2 months free every time you subscribe it .

SurferShark Vpn: Pros and Cons


  • Complete privacy and security for online activities with AES-256 encryption and no logs policy.
  • Access to blocked websites and content.
  • Multihop feature allows for increased privacy and security by connecting to two different servers at once.
  • Kill switch feature automatically disconnects device from VPN if disconnected to prevent data leaks.
  • Surfshark Antivirus provides additional protection against harmful viruses and malware.
  • Clean Web feature blocks annoying ads, pop-ups, and malware-infected websites.
  • Camouflage mode allows for seamless browsing by hiding VPN service and blending with normal traffic.
  • IP rotation or changing IP address feature keeps original IP address hidden.
  • Bypass mode or White Lister allows users to connect to VPN only for selected websites or applications.
  • No Borders mode bypasses government restrictions and deep packet inspections.


  • Monthly plans are expensive compared to other VPN providers.
  • Some users may find it difficult to navigate and use all the features.
  • While Surfshark Antivirus is a useful addition, it may not be as comprehensive as standalone antivirus software.
  • Multihop features may cause slower internet speed due to connecting to two different servers.
  • Limited information on the company’s background and security audits.


SurfShark VPN is one the best VPN available with great features and which allows its users complete control over the Virtual Private Network service . SurfShark VPN has provided the best security for your privacy and protects you from any kind of harmful viruses or malware . The best thing about SurfShark is that it has way cheaper plans than other VPNs that have similar properties . In short, if you want to use a VPN that is not vulnerable to Cyber Attacks, does not compromise on its user privacy and also looks pretty slick it is the best option available.

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