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The 7 Best keyword research SEO tools in 2023

There are Multiple keyword research SEO tools available . some that are great for beginners, while others are more complex and powerful. Depending on  your needs, you’re sure to find something helpful here.

When done right, Well the most effective keyword research SEO tools can help you to make your workflow better and faster. They can help you to discover the correct keywords to target and also give you the data that you need to actually rank for them. You don’t have to break the bank or give up your firstborn to get that data.

Having worked with Multiple customers who utilize different  Keyword research SEO tools and Content SEO Optimization, I Experienced the best and worst of them. It’s essential to pick the perfect keyword planner tool, so to help, I evaluated over sixty tools that have a free option for keyword research. After a thorough investigation, I am delighted to share with you the seven best ones available.

The best free keyword research tools in 2023

Why is keyword research important?

Content teams are excited to explore what keywords and phrases people are looking for when searching for goods, services and advice. They are also thrilled to find out how these expressions are ranked according to their search volume in any given month. By utilizing this keyword info, content teams are able to construct and maintain an effective content plan as well as comprehend what content their audiences expect to see.

Organizations need to be proactive with their keyword research SEO tools and remain aware that search engines, such as Google, are consistently altering their algorithms concerning the ranking of content. A first SEO plan for a website or blog is merely the beginning of the voyage. Content teams have to regularly keep track of and improve the material on the webpages to stay up to speed with the modifications in the algorithm.

The best lightweight SEO keyword research free extension

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a free to use  browser extension made for  keyword research,digital marketers and SEO experts. It  can be easily downloaded and installed on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

keyword research SEO tools

When the Keyword Everywhere extension is set up, it will display important keyword information on the pages of the results from your browser’s search. This data includes the search amount, CPC, and competitiveness for a particular keyword. The extension likewise offers associated keyword proposals which can assist you in locating extra keywords to target.

Keyword Everywhere extension is easy to use. Simply enter a keyword into Google or another search engine and the extension will display the relevant data like search volume within the search results. It can help you to quickly analyze which keyword to target for your website or blog.

Keyword Everywhere extension is easy to use. Simply enter a keyword into Google Search Bar or another search engine Like Bing or Yahoo and the extension will display the relevant data like search volume within the search results. It can help you to quickly analyze which keyword to target for your website or blog.

Keyword Everywhere also has a feature called “Bulk Upload”. With this feature you can upload a list of keywords and receive data for all of them at once. This is especially for large scale SEO campaigns or analyzing multiple keywords.

In Addition, Keyword Everywhere extension is a powerful tool for digital marketers and SEO professionals. With its ability to provide keyword data within search results pages and analyze competitor websites, it can help you to optimize your website for search engines and gain more traffic to your site.

Keyword everywhere Pricing: Free to use Extension

The best Keyword Research SEO tool for SEO professionals


SEMrush is a tool for SEO that is strong in keyword research. It helps to track a website’s rankings on search engines, analyze competitors’ strategies, and improve website content and performance.

keyword research SEO tools

SEMrush’s primary feature is its keyword research tool. It allows users to enter a specific keyword or topic and receive a detailed analysis of related keywords, their search volume, competition level, and other critical metrics. Also users can determine which keywords are the most relevant and valuable for their website and create a targeted SEO strategy accordingly.

SEMrush also offers a backlink analysis tool that helps users identify their website’s backlinks, their quality, and the anchor text used. By analyzing backlink profiles, users can determine the backlink strategies of their competitors, identify areas of opportunity, and improve their website’s search engine ranking.

Overall, SEMrush is a  powerful SEO tool that supplies SEO pros with all that they require to do successful keyword research, evaluate their website’s performance and refine their SEO plan.

SemRush Pricing

keyword research SEO tools

Free Plan – You can generate up to 10 Analytics reports and track 10 keywords Daily.

Pro Plan – Starts with $119.95/monthly for up 3,000 reports per day.

Guru Plan – Starts with $229.95/monthly 30,000 reports per day.

Business Plan – Starts with $449.95/monthly 50,000 reports per day.

SEMrush trial

Free 7-day trial of Semrush.After Trial ends, you can easily cancel it. note that you can only get a free trial once.

The Best fully free Keyword research tool

Keyword Intent

Keyword intent is a modern Keyword research SEO tool that helps website owners and marketers optimize their content for search engines by analyzing keyword intent. The tool focuses on understanding the user’s search intent and tailors the content accordingly to rank higher on search engines.

keyword research SEO tools also provides users with suggestions for related keywords that can help improve their content strategy. Users get a clear picture of what people are searching for and how they can optimize their content to match their followership’s hunt intent.

keyword research SEO tools

Another advantage of using helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. By understanding the intent behind keywords, businesses can create more effective content that better meets the needs of their audience. This can improve a business’s search engine ranking and help them outrank their competitors in search results.

Keyword Intent Pricing: Free to use tool

The best free keyword research free tool

Moz Keyword Explorer 

Moz Keyword Explorer is a popular keyword research tool used by SEO professionals and content marketers to find and prioritize keywords for their websites. This tool helps users identify high-volume and relevant keywords, analyze keyword difficulty, and uncover new keyword opportunities.

keyword research SEO tools

An amazing capability of Moz Keyword Explorer is the accuracy and completeness of the keyword data it provides to users. This incredible tool gathers information from numerous outlets, including Google, to generate an extensive list of pertinent keywords along with their search volume. This data can be utilized to discover the most sought-after and valuable keywords to focus on for a website.

Key Features of Moz keyword Explorer: Moz makes keyword research easier by introducing a “Priority” score that quickly tells you if a keyword is worth pursuing. This score is generated automatically by taking into account factors like search volume, organic CTR, and difficulty, plus your own customized “My Score”—which you set yourself, taking into account your knowledge of your business and the industry. How exciting!

Moz keyword explorer pricing Pricing:

Moz has 4 affordable packages:

Standard Pack  – Starts with $99/monthly. Perfect plan for beginners or those who need just the basics Features.

Medium Pack – Starts with $179/monthly. Many people begin their keyword research journey here, as this platform offers ample limitations and unrestricted access to a variety of keyword research tools.

Large Pack  – Starts with $299/monthly. This is the perfect package for companies and organizations that take their search engine optimization seriously and get maximum bang for their buck.

Premium Pack  – Starts with $599/monthly. Particularly preferred by big SEO-oriented firms and internal marketing groups.

The best free SEO keyword research extension

Keyword Surfer

Keyword is a featherlight way to do keyword exploration without ever leaving the hunt machine results runner. Keyword Surfer is a Google Chrome extension from Surfer SEO, is separate from the full SEO suite and offers a limited interpretation of the platform for free.

keyword research SEO tools

After you get the extension and turn it on, go to Google and search for your keyword like you would do for a regular search – you will see the estimated search volume and CPC data appear in the search bar as you type. Hit enter to find the same information, plus the amount of exact match keywords in each SERP list.

If you decide to get the entire Surfer SEO software, you will get access to the comprehensive Content Editor (including the complimentary WordPress and Google Docs add-ons), that offers an overall “Content Score” and advice on the number of headings, paragraphs, and images to include.

Keyword Surfer Pricing:

keyword research SEO tools

Completely free to use Keyword research Chrome extension and the AI Article Outline Generator; if you want to take advantage of the full Surfer SEO suite, there are paid plans that begin at $49/month and give you access to the content editor (with 10 articles included each month), SERP analyzer, and other great SEO tools!

The best free keyword research tool for paid keywords by google

Google keyword planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is an incredible tool that helps differentiate keywords to be used for SEO and PPC. It offers keyword suggestions and search volumes which can be really useful for campaign strategizing. Moreover, it offers an in-depth look at cost-per-click data, advertising competition, and seasonal traffic variations, all in one place – how amazing is that!

Organizations who participate in PPC marketing will gain the most from this helpful tool, as they can use the search volume function for their campaigns. To take advantage of the most comprehensive analysis capabilities for PPC advertising, they must invest in their Google Ad campaigns. Exciting!

Google keyword planner Pricing: Completely free tool from Google.

The best tool to find latest trends

Google Trends

Google Trends allows users to explore latest searching trends and discover new topics of interest! With its robust features, users can track the popularity of keywords over time, compare search volume across different regions and categories, and even visualize the data with interactive charts and maps!

keyword research SEO tools

But that’s not all! Google Trends also provides related search terms and queries, which can spark new content ideas and inspire fresh marketing strategies. With the ability to see top search queries and rising search terms for specific topics, users can stay ahead of the game and deliver content that truly resonates with their audience.

Google Trends Pricing: It’s also free to use from Google

Best Youtube keyword tool free

The Keyword Tool provides YouTubers and YouTube marketers with an incredible advantage to make sure their content is relevant to YouTube searches and gets noticed in the search results.

YouTube Rank Tracker Tool

Youtube keyword tool free

Marketers need the youtube keyword tool to keep an eye on how their Video SEO is doing with their own videos or any other videos, even those of their competitors. With this, they can get invaluable information on their standing in search results and the number of searches and estimated views.

Why are YouTube Keywords important?

YouTube keywords are important because they can help your videos rank advanced in YouTube hunt results and make your content more discoverable to implicit observers. When druggies search for a specific content on YouTube, the platform’s algorithm looks for videos that are applicable to the hunt query and ranks them based on colorful factors, including keywords.

Best Free keyword generator 

If you are looking for a good keyword generator then look no further Because we bring an amazing free to use keyword generator tool for you. is a keyword generator  tool that helps you identify applicable and high- business keywords for your YouTube videos and other content. It offers a comprehensive keyword database with over 1 billion keywords and provides real- time hunt data from multiple hunt machines, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Bing.

keyword generator 

Using, you can enter a seed keyword related to your content or niche and induce a list of long- tail keyword suggestions, related keywords, and questions related to that keyword. The tool also provides data on hunt volume, competition, and CPC for each keyword, as well as the capability to filter and sort your results by colorful criteria.

In addition, is an important keyword exploration tool that can help you identify applicable keywords for your YouTube videos and other content, as well as track your progress in perfecting your hunt visibility over time. While it does bear a paid subscription for full access to all features, the tool offers a free trial period and a range of pricing plans to suit different requirements and budgets.


To add up, keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO, and there are multitudinous tools available that can make the process of keyword disquisition easier and further effective. The swish keyword disquisition tools are those that offer the most applicable data and perceptivity into quest terms and user intent, while also being user-friendly and affordable. The top ten keyword research SEO tools mooted also, including Keyword far and wide, Semrush, Keyword Intent, Moz, and Google Trends, give different features and benefits for SEO professionals and beginners likewise. It’s important to consider your specific conditions when choosing a keyword disquisition tool and to regularly contemporize your strategy as quest machine algorithms continue to change. By exercising these keyword disquisition tools, you can improve your website’s content and ranking, leading to further business and engagement with your cult.


Which keyword is best for SEO?

Long tail keywords are long( generally 4 word) terms that quest use in Google and other hunt machines. It’s important to conduct thorough keyword exploration to identify the keywords that are most likely to drive business to your website and rank well on hunt machines. Also, it’s essential to use keywords naturally in your content and avoid keyword filling, which can harm your website’s SEO.

How do I research SEO keywords?

Here are 9 steps to research SEO keywords:

  1. Identify your target audience: Determine who your ideal customers are and what they are searching for on search engines.
  1. Brainstorm seed keywords: Make a list of broad keywords that are applicable to your business, products or services. These will form the basis of your keyword research.
  1. Use keyword research tools: There are several keyword research SEO tools available, similarly Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer. Use these tools to find related keywords, search volume, competition level, and other important metrics.
  1. Analyze the competition: Look at what keywords your competitors are ranking for and the content they are producing. This can give you ideas for potential keywords and content topics.
  1. Refine your list: Refine your keyword list by eliminating irrelevant or low-volume keywords and focusing on the ones that are more relevant and have higher search volume.
  1. Group keywords: Group your keywords into themes or topics based on their relevance and search intent.
  1. Prioritize your list: Prioritize your keyword list based on the search volume, competition level, relevance, and intent. Choose the keywords that are most important to your business and have the loftiest eventuality for driving business and transformations.
  1. Use keywords strategically: Use your targeted keywords strategically in your website content, meta tags, headings, and URLs. But be careful not to overuse them, as this can negatively impact your SEO.
  1. Monitor and adjust: Monitor your keyword performance regularly and adjust your strategy as necessary based on your rankings and traffic data.

What are the 4 types of keywords?

There are 4 types of keywords – long-tail, short-tail, mid tail, and intent targeting keywords.

Which is better: Ahrefs vs Semrush?

Both Ahrefs and SEMrush are powerful SEO tools with unique features. Choice the right that meet your individual requirements and preferences. Ahrefs is better for backlink analysis, while SEMrush has a broader range of SEO tools.

How do I find best keywords on Google?

Use Google’s Keyword Planner or other keyword exploration tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find the stylish keywords for your website by assaying hunt volume, competition, and applicability to your content.

Which chrome extension is used for keyword research?

There are several keyword research SEO Tools, including Moz Keyword Explorer, Keyword Surfer, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner. depends on  your needs and budget.

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