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The Good AI Review 2023: Detailed Guide, Features, Pricing 

The Good AI is an important free tool that can help scholars, experimenters, and professional pens ameliorate their jotting chops by creating high- quality content. The tool uses advanced AI technology throughout the content creation process to dissect textbooks and identify areas that need enhancement. It can help druggies with alphabet, style, structure, and more.

The Good AI makes it effortless to generate and structure essays. Just select a topic, and let The Good AI handle the rest. You’ll receive high-quality, original content that is both relevant and precise – it’s that straightforward!

The Good AI

You can also edit your work with this fantastic AI tool if you want to add further specific details the AI might have left out. One crucial point of The Good AI’s wide range of built- in tools is its Auto-complete Features; it’s useful whenever you’re contending with Writer blocks!

The good AI: Features

The salient attributes of The Good AI include an array of sophisticated features that leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to execute intricate tasks. These features encompass:

  • Essay Outliner – This indispensable tool enables writers to prepare a comprehensive and organized list of topics that serve as a blueprint for creating a coherent essay during the writing process.
  • Essay Writer – This valuable tool is adept at generating a high-quality article swiftly and effortlessly by leveraging its AI-powered writing assistant that aids users in creating superior essays.
  • Word Count Slider – A nifty and practical feature from The Good AI that empowers users to select a precise word count for their essay. This is particularly beneficial for academic works that mandate a specific word count.
  • AI Auto Complete – This writing tool expedites and streamlines the writing process by leveraging AI technology to recommend words, phrases, and sentences that align with the context of the user’s writing. This feature saves users time and effort while enhancing the overall quality of the written work.
  • Document Editing – In addition to AI-generated content, The Good AI provides users with the option of incorporating human intervention into their blog post or essay to 

ensure the content is polished and complete. This feature is particularly useful if users feel that The Good AI omitted important information from their work.

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The good AI: Pricing

The Good AI’s pricing options are limited to just two:

  • Free Plan – This rudimentary version of The Good AI is designed for individuals working on short essays, with a word limit of 100 words and without the AI Auto-Complete feature. This plan is ideal for students who only require minimal assistance with their work.
  • Premium Plan – For a nominal fee of $5 per month, users can avail themselves of all the advanced features of The Good AI, including AI Auto-Complete for essays with up to 1200 words and the Document Editing feature, which ensures that their work is error-free and of high quality.


The Good AI application is a formidable tool for those seeking to commence writing short-form essays, typically about 100 words in length. The free plan is an excellent starting point, while the premium plan is highly affordable, costing only $5 per month, with the added benefit of being cancellable at any time.

However, for individuals interested in composing essays of unrestricted length with a plethora of characteristics, software tools such as provide ideal alternatives. With essential features like grammar checkers, and more, is a suitable choice for anyone searching for a versatile essay-writing software.

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