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What Does AI Means: Detailed Guide 2023 

AI stands for Artificial intelligence. It is a technology which can perform a task that requires human intelligence. For instance it can write an essay on any topic or tell you a joke. All you have to do is give it a command and the work will be done in no time . Ai applications in many aspects of life such as image and speech recognition ,  language processing , finance , health care transportation and much more.

Although it might not be as good as people expect it to me but still AI is a very smart asset for us humans for our development to a better future as now it is getting better day by day and there is no question about it that it will be on of the best and smartest machine created in human history .


Ai has been around since the middle of the 20th century since the first computer was made but in 1956 it was named Ai ( artificial intelligence) in a conference held in Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire . The person who organized the conference is John McCarthy now called the father of Ai obviously there were other  scientists including Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, and Claude Shannon (who proposed the workshop), with others these people are the founding members of Ai research that machine can learn and think like humans also it can perform complex tasks which requires human intelligence and from there on the development in Ai started and it was recognized as a field of science and is used in various sectors of our daily life some of them are as follows.

Types of Ai 

Ai is a very vast field of science but some of the most authentic types of Ai are follows : 

Machine Learning 

It is a process in which a machine is taught to analyze the data and learn from a set of experiences with the help of some algorithms  which is then further used to solve problems that require human intelligence i.e decision making and thinking of its own .

Deep Learning

Deep learning is an advanced type of machine learning in which artificial intelligence tries to mimic human intelligence by learning from the human nervous system by making a massive network of neurons and many processing units which makes the machine faster and enhances the decision making process .

Artificial General intelligence

AGI or artificial general intelligence is also known as strong Ai is a more advanced type of Ai than deep learning because it has the ability to learn from its mistakes and its performance is way more reliable. It can perform tasks just like human intelligence .

Expert System

Expert System is an Ai which uses many other small Ai algorithms to solve complex problems it focuses on a topic and solve the problem like a human expert would do for example : 

  • MYCIN 
  • CaDet


Robotics Ai is a field of Ai in which robots are made to perform tasks which are difficult for humans to do which can be done in a short amount of time compared to human performance such as self driving cars , automatic equipment or tools , drones , humanoid robots and many more.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence also known as weak Ai is an Ai which is used to perform small tasks which do not require intelligence . It has limited resources and limited tasks for example, smartphone apps and voice assistants are a type of weak Ai .

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition Ai can understand human speech which helps Ai to communicate with a machine . It can also convert human speech into text form. It is very useful and used in various sectors.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is an Ai which is like a virtual Assistant that helps you in your daily life chores such as you can use it to communicate and command other Ai such as turning on a fan to driving cars . Google assistant , Siri , Alexa etc. are most commonly used Ai virtual assistants .


In Conclusion, Ai is a field of science that is improving day by day in every aspect of life such as health care , finance , transportation , education and many more . It can be more useful if we use it correctly but still it also has some people resisting it because people are afraid they would lose their job and some people have privacy issues and the list goes on still we need to use it efficiently in order to use it without negative outcome . 

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